Have You Tried MLM?

I did try, and I did NOT make big money… several times! Yes, I continued to get sucked in by their stories and my own greed!

Yes, greed is the right word to use in my case – listening to the leaders and looking at their toys – I wanted those same things.

They told me, and I repeated the same line to hundreds of others, that all you need to do was follow their footsteps and you could also be successful, far beyond your wildest dreams.

My j.o.b records always showed success; retiring at 62 from a large company where I went from salesman to President. My retirement plans included buying a motor home and touring the country – on a very leisurely basis.

My wife said many times that she didn’t want to leave her home, children and bridge friends; however, it was alright if I took another lady along for companionship. Of course she did – you and I both know that she was lying all the while. (She is still the apple of my eye!)

Well, it took a little over 6 months of 5-6 days of golf to begin to get antsy – Just had to do something to occupy my mind other than golf. (The above about success wasn’t bragging – just to explain that I was a good front man at MLM meetings.)

Well no matter whether I added credibility to the MLM stories or not, I made enough so that I didn’t lose much money – but was very uncomfortable with my role, understanding that 97% of those I talked to would never be any more successful than I was.

Now don’t get me wrong – I still believe MLM or Relationship Marketing is the way to go for those of us who are in the over50ers group. We need residual income to supplement our fixed incomes.

Money for retirement set aside in the 1970’s has a way of growing smaller, while what we need gets more and more costly. If this is true today, what will we find in 10-15 more years? My experience says prices aren’t going down very much without another “great depression”. I have already been there and done that – don’t want to see it again.

After more years than I like to think about, I finally settled on what I want to do: I want to help others who are baby boomers and seniors create supplemental income.

I am convinced that joining a Multi Level Marketing company and following the standard methods of building a downline; you know, making a list, contacting all your family and friends, taking them to meetings, etc., is not working and will never succeed for the masses in the long run.

Your MLM success will succeed by going modern – using the internet to contact hundreds of people in about the same time it now takes to talk with one person.

Trick here is to have a web site that will be found by search engines and people browsing the net or just “Google-ing”. Don’t use a “cookie cutter” site that will be ignored by search engines, build your own from scratch with a company that will lead you all the way.

Use modern methods of attracting people to your web site. Remember, this is the new MLM – one where you will have prospects calling you, asking what they need to do in order to join your organization.

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- December 16, 2015