The uncertainty of NAFTA has not stopped investments

Among the issues that were handled during the Mexico-California Trade Mission, the importance of the Tecate rail project stands out, which consists of joining the Short Track of the Train (on the Mexican side) with the Desert Line (on the US side), for the which requires an injection of resources for 110 million dollars to start the 113 kilometers in Anglo-Saxon territory.

Today only the short route of the Tijuana-Tecate train is used, which has a distance of 71.4 kilometers, but the intention is to create a route that goes from the port of Ensenada, connects to Tecate, Tijuana and finally crossed the border.

In the framework of the Mexico-California Trade Mission and as a context the uncertainty of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), the mayor of San Diego said that free trade is working and jobs of good quality are being generated in both sides of the border.

He highlighted a case of success in the manufacture of medical devices that Tijuana and San Diego are carrying out, becoming the largest region in the world in such manufacturing, which derives strength when working together with mexicobusinessjournal.

The US official pointed out that changes must be made in the NAFTA, that there will be negotiations for and against, which will require that all the countries involved work hand in hand.

For his part, president of the San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce, he considered that a respectful dialogue is something that is more convenient when negotiating a treaty. President Donald Trump has a different way of negotiating, but many people in the United States are please negotiate.

An agreement was signed with the National Institute for Adult Education, with the aim of promoting the certification of skills acquired abroad, so that those who return to Mexico can have a new beginning with much better opportunities than when they emigrated.

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- June 6, 2018