Why should self-employed worry about email marketing?

Self-employed professionals are experts who, regardless of the clients they have, should never separate marketing from their agendas. The reasons can be as diverse as the profession of each of these workers. Within marketing, campaigns through email could be indicated by visionindustriescorp.

It may be that for particular tastes, email marketing has been ruled out from the start. It can also be the case that the self-employed do not get used to sending newsletters, designing messages following criteria of persuasion, and other terms that pertain to this form of marketing. There may be several situations whereby freelancers prefer to use other systems of diffusion and marketing or, like most, to leave without using any digital marketing model.

The fight between freelancers is growing and the demand of these professionals grows. Therefore, using the most refined platforms within your reach is part of the duties of your profession. Here are the reasons to use email marketing in favor of your purposes.

The necessary treatment with customers
Before starting to look for the predesigned templates for emails that best suit your proposal, your personal style and what you intend to achieve, it is necessary to take stock of the relationship that is maintained with customers.

The difference between the self-employed and companies is that marketing can be much more intimate and personal. Therefore, customers should be treated with the respect and distinction that a customer deserves, but with the closeness of knowing they have a friend in their provider, a professional willing to help at all costs.

If your clients are under this condition, using email marketing is a matter of a couple of steps.

The usefulness of the contents
What differentiates a good email marketing campaign from others is the usefulness of the content. In the digital age, the e-mail tray is the telephone number of a few years ago. This means that it is an intimate contact with the client. Therefore, bothering with content that is useless is waste of time and, in the long term, lose validity and esteem on the part of people who trust their services.

Generation of authority and virality
If shared content by email is useful, two favorable situations will occur. On the one hand, the authority will be generated, because clients understand that the professional wants to help them, is sharing knowledge and experiences, and will begin to consider him an expert in their profession. This will generate new customers, a lot of revaluation of their services, and thousands of benefits that could not be measured with numbers.

On the other hand, virality would occur. If you use a simple logic, each client has 3 people who need services like the ones you provide. If you share content that is useful to those three people, your client will share them and links will be generated. If we remember that email is one of the most private forms of communication between client and supplier, the reputation of the freelance would increase, as well as its client portfolio.

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- June 7, 2018