Which trends in global marketing are to come?

Worldwide advertising is going through a period of redefinition, within the framework of new links between customers, changing habits among consumers and reformulating content, and it is in this niche that opportunities for proposals like yours open up. The advertiser thinks of many suppliers, looking for the best person to work on each topic, and there is a risk that the creative direction will be lost. I think it’s good in this situation to have the degree of trust with a client to generate content.

Today the possibility of connecting individually with people is perhaps the most efficient. We all like that the people we love most know that we like, that we do not, that we enjoy, that we are bored, that we see in human relationships, also applies to the relationship between products or services with the public.

How to connect with the consumer?

Understanding it, giving it time, being on top of it if you want to, or not invading it if you prefer. In short, putting ourselves in their shoes explain scienceandmoney. As a first step to achieve that, is to know it well.

Creativity in marketing campaigns

Understanding that there are no formulas. Today we all value having followers in our own social networks. And we know which are the most efficient ways for more people to follow us.
If we apply that logic to the brands, and we understand that being original, entertaining and unpredictable is a basic condition to gain followers, there is no reason to stay stuck in the usual paths.
On the other hand, today being wrong in terms of communication is not so serious. It’s good to risk, and if the player does not go well, we change it and that’s it. Digital communication allows us that. It is a great blessing for creativity.

Therefore, it is absolutely essential to generate valuable content, with non-intrusive experiences that help companies to reach their target audience. We could also say that it is something that touches the respect for our client. Do not bomb, do not tire, do not pursue it is a fundamental premise to succeed.

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- June 7, 2018