What is the relational marketing?

The concepts around marketing and technology change so quickly that sometimes we have not had time to identify a trend when it has already been displaced and changed by a new one. It is not the case of relational marketing. Smartnation-forbes explains that it is not a fashion, it is a business strategy that has proven its effectiveness by improving the results of the most innovative brands that have already adopted it as a way of communicating with their customers.

Relationship marketing is the most effective way to create close and lasting relationships with customers, enabling both the company and the consumer to obtain better benefits from the relationship. But not only that, marketing based on the relationship supposes a strategic orientation towards the client and needs the brand to make an effort over time in that direction, not only to look at short-term sales but to understand that The real benefit is that they will continue over time if we know our customers.

Counselor of Economic Development, warns the shops of the Region that they can not ignore electronic commerce. This type of business, for example, in SMEs is essential for them to grow and be prepared for internationalization processes. The government will launch in the coming months a call for the aid of 400,000 euros for the start of new electronic stores, to encourage the online jump of future entrepreneurs, explains CEO of Digital Economy. The projects will receive a help, but we also offer entrepreneurs workshops on e-commerce and a seal of quality for their businesses since there are fundamental aspects to take into account to implement a good relational marketing strategy:

Loyalty In the same way that you follow music groups or YouTubers we have to aim for consumers to follow our brand. If they identify with it, they find the content we share important and we offer them a good user experience, we will have loyal customers and they will act as evangelizers of our brand.

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- June 7, 2018