Tourism marketing: working in a network with a ‘glocal’ strategy

Tourism marketing focused on both destinations and companies, evolves towards an increasingly globalized concept, which at the same time requires a great knowledge of the markets on the street and nourishing especially on shared knowledge. highlights the value of exchange and experience in this field and eco-friendly the tourism that worldwaterday is very worry about.

The sector is increasingly talking about global strategies, especially destinations, also for hotel brands, etc., that need a global strategy with a central point, but to implement it they also need local experts in each market, it is the concept of “glocal”, which mixes the global with the local.

The objective must be to seek excellence, to seek the expert in each market, to exchange knowledge of their market and globally and then also to exchange knowledge with suppliers, the companies that use them when they make a marketing campaign, etc. For that we need to meet, that’s where the good ideas are really emerging, the synergies between all.

We had data since the 90s we had data since the internet started but until now there have not been the tools to be able to mold that data and use them in practice. The wonders that can be done do not change the concept of how to inspire a person to travel, what changes is your ability to find the right person at the right time and reach you with the right message, to understand your audience. Many people said that the Internet allows us to talk with our audience, which allows us to listen to it, and the same marketing techniques that we have done for 30 or 40 years now have much more information and we have very good tools. Big data companies have emerged in a space of ten years but many people still do not know the potential that it has. We are all trying to make progress in the sector, not just finding each other, and in the last part, we have to put into practice what we have learned.

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- June 8, 2018