The marketing of academies

In these days there are many families that either has already submitted the application for a place at school centers for their children or are about to do so.

Previous to these dates, many centers have carried out marketing campaigns including an open day to show families the strong points that differentiate one from the other.

The enrollment of students is decreasing due to the drop in the birth rate and as the ratio per classroom has increased, many classrooms are suppressed, some schools having to decrease their line of two or three classrooms per course to two or even one. This circumstance is the same for public centers that have agreements.

Spain is one of the countries in Europe with the highest percentage of charter schools, according to recent statistics, 28% compared to 68% of public schools and 14% of private schools. If we compare ourselves with Ireland that has 100% of the public, we are quite far away.

In Spain, many of the previously public schools became charter schools and even then the baccalaureate is still private.

These Centers are the best advertising campaigns do.

Some of the aspects that most interest parents when choosing a center are:

Facilities: Beautiful classrooms, furniture, materials, gym and sports facilities, dining room, large patios, library
Schedule: If they have early bird service and extra school activities.
If they offer bilingual teaching, especially in English
If they carry out activities and out of the classroom

Actually, all the previous aspects are very important, but mikemussinafoundation also recommend to also know about:
The Educational Project of the Center. That does not lead later to claims derived from his ignorance.
The internal regulation, to avoid unnecessary conflicts.
The ideology, if they are concerted and private. Many families criticize these centers and it is because they have not been informed about certain aspects such as religion class.
The different methodologies such as project work or some specific in the teaching of reading and writing or multiple intelligences, including the mastery of emotional intelligence tools.
It is essential that the management team and the number of specialists are known. If there is support or not of guidance team.
Have extensive knowledge of the rules, schedule of meetings with tutors and teachers, as well as general meetings. Services for notifications of ratings.
These are some of the essential considerations to consider before choosing a center for the children, but some others can be added, such as the closeness to the home or work center of the parents, and even to the grandparents if these are the ones in charge of taking and picking up the children.

The truth is that many times because of the scores that are required, many students can not choose freely and this is a problem for families.

From these lines, we recommend good information before enrolling children in schools because of the importance it has for their daily life and their academic training.

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- June 7, 2018