The education of children needs to be improved

One lady of greenpointcoworking stated that by asking the children visiting the Museum about the seasons and cycles of nature (such as the rain cycle), it was clear that the children did not know these concepts and that their reference is the cycles of the washing machines.
We understand nature when you live it, if you live nature children will understand these concepts easier instead of having contact with them only in theory. Children know nature, watch movies or documentaries; but one thing is to know them and another thing is to know them lived.
The Papalote Museo del NiƱo, located in the west of the Mexican capital, offers during this holiday season activities that bring children, and not so children, to nature.
In Marine Architects they know about polyps and they play to recreate small reefs with plasticine to model. In La Familia del ajolote they discover the origins, characteristics, and threats that this endemic amphibious species of Mexico lives.

In addition to the activities offered in this museum, there are some digital platforms that promote a culture of caring for nature such as the website that includes images, video, sounds, and games to learn about the ecosystems of Mexico, animals, and plants. , and the actions that can help conserve.
Currently, the First National Children’s and Young People’s Contest of Drawing and Painting is taking place Between blue and green at the hands of nature, which promotes the exploration of nature and reflection on how to improve coexistence with the natural environment, and invites to translate the proposals in an illustration.
Digital tools and activities that encourage children to admire the nature that surrounds them in cities (trees, birds) is a great challenge.
The big challenge is how to build a better city for children by integrating nature, and not to think more about reserves or forests as natural spaces.
He expressed concern about the need to recognize that we are immersed in nature and must integrate childhood in a much more experiential way.

Apparently, a child memorizes hundreds of words automatically leaves out a vital factor for development, social interactions. In this sense, electronic games that only teach vocabulary are not as good as they may seem: They are valuable tools for education, but communication must always prevail life, because of the great human wealth it generates, says a pedagogue, who also contributes tips to help in the cognitive development of the little ones: We have to motivate them from childhood to develop their intellectual abilities. We must pay attention and discover their abilities, to enhance their strengths.

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- June 6, 2018