Solutions to the internet shopping distrust

According to open-first customers still do not respond to the evolution of online sales in regional stores. Five out of ten companies have less than 500 clients per year, a quarter of the 369 surveyed do not reach 100 users, while only 4.3 percent have more than 10,000 buyers per year. The general director of Digital Economy justifies this data explaining that we are at the moment of the takeoff of electronic commerce in the Region. It is true that another CCAA has taken advantage of us, but we are gaining momentum. People have to lose the fear of buying and selling online. And is that, according to data from the National Institute of Statistics last year, 26.4 percent bought online in the last three months, 8 points below the national average, is the second community that purchases less of all the national panorama.

To gain the confidence of the people we occupy certain strategies:

“Win-win”. Betting on a strategy in which not only the brand benefits but also the customer perceives a profit. And this does not only apply to final consumers, it also serves for suppliers and partners.
Personalization. A whole strategy based on the relationship cannot be directed indiscriminately to the entire mass of potential public of a product or service. To achieve that feeling that we all win is essential to work on the personalization of messages explains that a constant relationship with consumers helps us to obtain information about their preferences and these data should be used to offer services that fit what they need and want to increase the likelihood of purchase.
Medium-long-term vision. Relational marketing actions seek a sustained increase in sales. Therefore, brands must think with a future perspective and create actions and campaigns that can be linked, that follow a storyline or that pursue a specific positioning of the company.
Loyalty to customers and long-term thinking is the opposite of looking for immediate sale based on price or maintaining sporadic contacts to get rid of the stock. Relationship marketing has shown that the best way to transform a client into an evangelist of the brand is to maintain a constant relationship. A single 50% discount offer does not last in the customer’s mind while information on minor offers on products that really interest you is a way to keep your attention.

The client is the center. Knowing him is the fundamental objective, creating experiences and products that please him and, above all, listening to his opinion and being attentive to his reactions, because they are what will tell us what we are doing well.

In the same way, to consider the client as the king does not mean to harass him through social networks, email, and mobile but to learn from his previous interactions, the opinions he has expressed and the purchases he has made. With this information, the brand must choose the most appropriate channel to communicate with it and do it at the most appropriate time.

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- June 7, 2018