Is the client no longer always right?

Marketing was characterized by having protocol standards. There were always rules like the basic one, the customer is always right or the inevitable reference to the 4 P’s: Product, Price, Point of Sale and Promotion.

But today all the rules of procedure to face effective marketing are subject to revision. The order to which brands are subject by consumers has become commonplace. It is the realm of trial and error. Even restaurant’s blogs like bonfiresteakhouse talk about this change of customers.

Do not buy it
Not only are criticisms made on social networks, but now the dissemination of non-consumption practices has become fashionable.

Just as the videos of “unboxing” were imposed, which reflects how the consumer opens new products and disseminates them to YouTube cameras, now it is fashionable to have in the networks everything that is not going to be consumed.

While celebrities receive sponsorship for using brands, there is a parallel world where some became famous for sharing everything that is not worth buying. This modality is known as “Anti Haul” and every day it gains more followers. The slogan is: “if you do not really need it, do not buy it”.

Forever or for a while
Another trend that is imposed is the “Single Buy” (Buy Once). Contrary to the concept of “Programmed Obsolence”, where the products have a short useful life that is already known at the time of manufacturing, now it returns to the criterion that it is a good practice to acquire objects that last forever.

Here there is a synergy and encounter between old ways of repairing objects with the possibility of generating spare parts through 3 D printing.

From this conjunction is born an enterprise like the Repairers Club. While some run to get in line to have the latest iPhone, others worry about restoring their old blender with a piece made in 3D.

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- June 8, 2018