Internet: the fertilizer of the economy

The massification of broadband Internet, the availability of higher speeds and the reduction in the price of mobile devices came to change everything. Some even go further and want to generate their own income through the network.

Currently, there is a growing interest in how to generate income from home through outsourcing jobs, investments or the development of freelance tasks, among many others.

There are portals, which explain in detail how to make quick and easy money at home with multiple ideas, such as, uploading content to a blog, on social networks or with automated trading. Millions of people choose to earn money online to better control their time and be their own bosses.

Trust relationships

Within marketing, there are various trends that seek to build trusting relationships with potential customers. One of them is Inbound marketing, also known as attraction marketing.

The objective of the methodology is to establish a relationship so that the conversion of customers takes place naturally. In addition, it seeks to synchronize with the public and increase the value of the brand.

Inbound Marketing is one of the most effective ways for the online business to grow. Among the advantages of the method is the increase in web traffic, capture leads, closing sales and obtaining prescribers.

To launch an Inbound marketing campaign it is necessary to have the tools and knowledge necessary to evaluate the results obtained.

Companies that make fewer investments in digital marketing experience worse performance results and stay in business.

Experts say that the use of social networks makes the company more innovative since it is adapted to market requirements.

Multiple analysts affirm that the investment in digital advertising has quadrupled during the last 5 years, what speaks of the new tendencies and of the approach that the marks have on the market.

The transformation ranges from marketing professionals to brands, who must stay on the wave to avoid falling behind. It is a kind of challenge to survive. In fact, many believe that the time has come to renew or die.

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- June 7, 2018