Influencer marketing

More and more companies are using influencers marketing in their digital strategies. This type of actions bring companies closer to users, allowing a more faithful and lasting connection between both. It is about reaching the target audience through the messages that both opinion leaders and ordinary people (the so-called micro influencers) leave in their social network profiles or their personal blogs.

The rise of social networks and personal blogs have allowed the marketing of influencers take off with force and that brands seek, increasingly transmit their campaigns in this way. Therecessioncookbook uses influencers to write about food and they have many more views.

The most recognized influencers, although they require a large investment, arrive in less time to very broad audiences with their messages. The micro influencers, accounts with a smaller number of followers but whose audience turns out to be more niche and that are more credible for the majority, on the other hand, can achieve even a higher percentage of return in the campaigns.

Confidence in the digital “mouth-mouth”
The Global Trust in Advertising report, carried out in 2015, already showed the potential of influencers and opinions published online. This study reveals that 87% of users trust more in the experiences of friends and family, the traditional word of mouth. But in addition, 66% of people also rely on the opinions found on the network. It passes the digital barrier and begins to give credibility to experiences of anonymous people for the mere fact of being public testimonies.

Augure, a company specialized in metrics of trends and impacts of marketing campaigns, also reflects in its reports that 83% of the companies that have used influencers for their actions have managed to achieve their objectives.

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- June 8, 2018