Essential tools of today

Email marketing

When you have a small business, email marketing is a perfect chance to earn the loyalty of your buyers. If they have previously given you their email addresses, it is that they have already bought in your store or at least they have been interested. Do not miss this occasion and send them information, promotions, and discounts of your goods.

If you do not know where to start with mail marketing, MailChimp is a very simple tool to use that allows you to carry out mailing campaigns with a professional design, also offering a powerful data analysis to optimize the sending of emails in a massive way. You can find more information inĀ

Improve your SEO

If you do not know what SEO is, do not worry, we start at the beginning. SEO (Search Engine Optimization in English) and known as search engine optimization is a series of tactics to increase the visibility or positioning of a web page in the organic results of the different search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo) with In order to boost visits. The good news is that it’s free. The bad is complicated and it can take a long time to start seeing results.

One of the easiest things you can do to start developing the SEO positioning of your business website is keyword research. This analysis will tell you the word or set of words that your target audience uses most often when looking for information on the Internet about products similar to those you offer in your store. Once identified, incorporate those keywords into the content of your website. They should appear in the title tags, body content, headers, image file names and meta description to be detectable and search engines can “see” that the content of your website is relevant to users who are searching for products like the ones you offer.

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- June 7, 2018