Digital marketing strategies for small business

Manage creative and productive social networks or improve the positioning of the website, are some of the actions that any small business can make to improve their visibility.
The changes brought about by digital transformation and new technologies have made the options to publicize a trade online are virtually the same for everyone. Of course, the competition is growing and the most demanding customers. For that reason, and because it is no longer worth keeping up with the usual, see which of the following recommendations and tools can be useful for your business and start thinking about what you are going to do to implement them.

Big Data applied to small businesses

Very few businesses are making the most of all the information that is generated. There are business intelligence solutions in the market, such as mini-conf, which based on the information collected from customers who pay with a card, provide you with very useful information (profiles and segments of those customers based on their purchasing behavior, average prices of the competition of the zone and comparative with yours) which allows to realize very useful market studies for the taking of marketing decisions.

Best practices in social networks

Having a presence in social networks when you have a business is something that has already convinced most of the population. However, not everyone is doing well and a common mistake is to open profiles on all social networks instead of focusing on those in which your potential customers are really active.

For example, if your customers constantly tag your store’s geolocation on Instagram or send you messages through this social network but rarely retweet your content on Twitter, focus your efforts and invest more time on Instagram. It’s about analyzing the social networks that generate more engagement with your business and that can help you sell more and better.

To be more productive in the management of all your social networks, use tools such as HootSuite or Buffer and leave publications while doing other actions such as attending your physical business. Pinedo is another tool that can help you monitor keywords, and control the impact and reach of your publications as well as the most influential users who are joining the conversation.

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- June 7, 2018