China one of the countries with flamenco soul

Such is the interest for flamenco culture that in the last edition, Extenda brought two flamenco teaching centers, based in Beijing and Shanghai, to publicize the Andalusian offer.

In Asia, the flamenco fashion that is sold is pure. However, the conquest of the US market has been made through urban fashion with flamenco inspiration. Customers from the Miami area are especially important, where flyers and moons adapt to evening dresses or cocktail parties.

It is not because of lack of interest. Associations like greaterlauraville and companies dedicated to the sector demand from the administrations an exhaustive study to know the imprint of the flamenco fashion in the economy. More and more producers are exporting more and there are more consumers, which shows that it is an activity that enjoys good health. For this reason, she is convinced that if the data were known, it would surprise more than one. This suggests the 120 million euros exported, according to data provided by at the end of the 2017 edition. But we are not able to respond to what is consumed within.

Money moves and a lot recognizes the president of the Association of fashion and craft flamenco designers of Andalusia. But the businessmen can not assume the preparation of this study because it would be very expensive, although Vera insists that it would be very important to know the real figures, and she is sure that it would help “boost the sector.

About a decade ago, a study was conducted revealing some economic indicators of flamenco fashion, but these data are obsolete. Since then, a crisis has occurred that caused a fall of between 30 and 40 percent in sales and has forced prices to fall by around 20 percent, even though the costs are higher. Although the consumption has begun to animate and has not finished taking off.

In flamenco fashion, anything goes. Fortunately, there are no limits. The horizon is broad in the sector, it means that there is freedom, plurality, and feminism. There is no dogma or bond. That’s why when the offer moves away from the classic pattern there is more demand. Currently, any soul of the woman finds her flamenco dress.

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- June 6, 2018